Golden Union Fish Bar

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Golden Union Fish Bar

38 Poland Street
+44 20 7434 1933

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3.0 su 5
19 January 2018
di Lillian W.

Someone recommended Golden Union Fish Bar during a quick day trip to London. Got there close to 12pm and there was a short line to dine in.

Waited about 15/20 minutes to be seated. There isn't too much seating available and the table are quite close together. Regardless, none of this bothered us as we were eager to eat!

Got the large cod fish and chips with a side of mushy peas.... Continua

5.0 su 5
04 January 2018
di Helen H.

This was hubby and I first meal in London. Due to a snow storm in Atlanta our flight was two hours longer than it should have been (10-11 hours vs 8-9). Both of us do not eat airplane food so by the time we arrived, we were starving!

We checked into our hotel and headed straight to soho area to eat and shop (we prefer to pick light and buy clothes at the destination).

Being hubby first time... Continua

3.0 su 5
23 March 2018
di Desi B.

Came here based off the Yelp reviews and everyone telling me to try the fish and chips in London. I'm guessing it is something of a specialty out there because there were a lot of other locations we passed before selecting this place.

I ordered the Haddock and chips because the server suggested it was the best tasting. It was such a large serving for a small order. (Check my picture). It's a... Continua

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10 November 2017
di Matthew U.

The one thing that I wanted to make sure I ate while in London was a properly prepared fish and chips. I had did a search on Yelp to help me out with this and after looking at multiple places I decided on here.

When you enter you are entering an authentic city establishment. Greeted by a counter that kind of guides you to the dining area. The setup almost reminds you of a diner setting.... Continua

5.0 su 5
24 March 2018
di Kathy Y.

2nd time in London but 1st time at this joint with the husband and family. We didn't have to wait but they had to split us up to table of 4 and table of 2 (there were 6 of us). Food came rather quick, they cook per order so we were prepared to wait. The cod was amazingly crispy, flaky, and fresh. The large was huge and small was perfect for me. The strawberry smoothie was also delicious but... Continua

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