The Salvation Army Trading Company

Salvation Army Trading Company charity shop, Princes Street
Just off Oxford Street, is this Salvation Army Trading Company shop packed with two floors of second hand fashion. Continua


Just off Oxford Street is this Salvation Army Trading Company shop packed with two floors of second hand fashion. With Vogue House just around the corner, you'll find some highly desirable cast offs. No wonder it's so popular with students of the nearby London College of Fashion!

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The Salvation Army Trading Company

9 Princes Street
+44 (0)20 7495 3958
Trasporti pubblici:
Oxford Circus, Underground

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4.0 su 5
15 February 2011
di Leighton S.

Great charity shop in a part of town where I wouldn't necessarily expect to find one. The selection of clothing is better here than any other charity shop I've been to in London. And the prices are great as well. This Salvo doesn't have much in the way of bric a brac but the amount of clothing is superlative. I will definitely be stopping in here regularly. Continua

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28 January 2013
di Hans V.

This place doesn't sell anything fancy, it is all high street brands or lower.

If you need to do a second hand/recycling project for uni this place is amazing though. For those really low bargain prices on basic pieces.

Sometimes the price of a big "school prom" dress is cheaper then what you would need to pay for the required fabric at a fabric shop.

Just give it a try and see if this place... Continua

2.0 su 5
15 June 2009
di Robert w.

The shop is located very close to Oxford Circus underground but off a quiet side street. I was expecting to see high end clothes and items considering the locality which is extremely wealthy compared to other areas. I was disappointed by the range of mens clothes which was mainly cheap chainstore staples such as George of Asda or Cedarwood state from Primark. Nothing really to get excited... Continua

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