Wood 'n' Things

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Wood 'n' Things

57 Brushfield Street
E1 6AA

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24 December 2008
di Clarissa D.

Wood 'N' Things is prank central. If you need a whoopee cushion, bleeding gum chewing gum, silly string or any other type of gag item that would annoy the hell out of your friends then you would love this store. The fun doesn't end there. They also sell costumes and toys for really reasonable prices. I fell in love with this place. It appeals to the antisocial youth in all of us. Continua

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29 December 2008
di Monica R.

Amazing shop that has the prefect array of products so that anyone that comes in without needing a toy, a mask, or a wig, comes out buying one! I really love this shop and every time I go to Spitallfields somehow its the shop where I spend most of the time, just browsing around, and seeing the fun stuff they sell. Its great for children too, they have a cool selection of toys and a friendly... Continua

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21 March 2010
di G M.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MASKS, this is your place!!! I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon this magical store. I am a fantasy lover and this store carried the best mask selection I have ever seen. The store has fun little toys for pranks and props for play, but the best of the best were there masks. I felt they were a bit expensive, but I bought a ton anyway since I was leaving London the next... Continua

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18 June 2008
di marinachrysomallis

A small shop but with a lot of toys everywhere.

For everyone, from wooden toys to a wide range of colltable tin toys.

They also have paintings like Bruce Springsteen, scenes from movies like Dirty dancing, Pretty woman. They've got a lot of small things for celebrating birthdays . Hilarious cards, candles , some other funny things like sweets with a spicy flavour.

They've got also a... Continua

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20 November 2008
di Amy M.

'Wood 'N Things' is a really fun little shop for adults and children alike. They have brilliant costumes-cat woman, batman, superman etc for the adults and fluffy chicks and lady birds for the kids. They also sell brilliant things for children such as handmade wooden toys and cute seats with animal cushioned backs.

They have loads of wigs, masks and party goods like balloons and streamers etc... Continua

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