Railway Fields Local Nature Reserve

A wonderful educational nature reserve with a mosaic of habitats on former railway land. Continua


A wonderful educational nature reserve with a mosaic of habitats on former railway land.

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Railway Fields Local Nature Reserve

N4 1SB

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02 June 2011
di absinthecity

I've only recently discovered railway fields as the weather has made a visit there so much more inviting. One of three natures reserves in Haringey, it makes for a fascinating journey around the area's wildlife and history. Regular nature-watching events take place here, but it's a peaceful retreat in its own right if you're just seeking a bit of peace and quiet in the city. Continua

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08 October 2008
di Helen M.

What a discovery! The first I saw of this place was its truly amazing ironwork entry gates. They depict a mass of flora and fauna. The trees and plants are identifiable species and it's great to spend a little time looking for the little details like butterflies, as well as the more noticeable fox etc. Seriously gates like that warrant a 5 star on their own.

The nature reserve itself is a... Continua

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14 January 2008
di Larrrrr

Railway fields is Green Lanes' equivalent to the Secret Garden. Tucked away from the busy concrete world of Finsbury Park, the conservation area is an education centre- offfering kids from the area chances to discover and explore pond life, marsh life and learn about wildlife in general. I look really fondly upon this place and hope that you or your kids will treasure it as much as i did. Continua

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27 November 2008
di Annie H.

Railway Fields is home to BTCV a national charity organisation which has projects locally. They are a group mainly made up of volunteers who want to help improve their local environment, learn new outdoor skills and meet local people. I believe Railway Fields is a fantastic example of how local areas can be improved for the better and become fantastic peaceful places for people to enjoy and... Continua

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