Tas Restaurant

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Tas Restaurant

22 Bloomsbury Street

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5.0 su 5
18 February 2017
di Jonna N.

I would definitely come back here. The dishes were great. I haven't had Turkish food before this place and I want to find a good Turkish place in Chicago.

Their dips are very nice too. Everything was so colorful and the waiters were attentive.

5/5 experience. Continua

1.0 su 5
27 November 2017
di Eugene L.

The manager of this place is a very rude and aggressive person. We (me and my wife) kindly asked to use their toilet (you know, it happens sometimes when no public toilets around), but the manager showed his anger and said it's only for customers. I said "ok, I will buy some drink to go on a bar in exchange for visiting toilet" (it was cold outside and I was thinking to take some coffee to go,... Continua

1.0 su 5
18 June 2017
di Erhan B.

Rich menu, several vegetarian options. However, food not cooked in traditional ways. Totally and badly surprised with what was served under traditional names. These represent fava beans, carrot salad and Iskender Kebab. The kebab was especially bad. Continua

4.0 su 5
01 August 2017
di Bianca W.

Good food, if a bit pricey.

The restaurant is a large open space with nicely spaced tables that aren't too close together. Staff is very friendly, if a bit clueless at times. There doesn't seem to be a particular staff member responsible for a table, you just flag down whoever you're able to catch attention from, so you might wait a little to order when it's particularly busy.

Food comes out... Continua

5.0 su 5
22 January 2016
di Larissa G.

Since Tas is located directly across from the hotel I stayed at during my last London visit, a family member and I opted to eat here after we spent a very long day on the train and Tube alike. While we stopped in planning to not eat THAT much due to it being a little late, we quickly ended up ordering more than we expected simply due to the delicious nature of the menu!

We ended up sampling... Continua

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