K10 Broadgate


Like its illustrious Copthall Avenue sibling, which has been consistently acknowledged as London's best "kaiten" (conveyor belt) restaurant, K10 in Broadgate offers traditional Japanese cooking with a contemporary twist.

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K10 Broadgate

3 Appold Street
+44 20 7539 9209

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5.00 su 5
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3.0 su 5
09 January 2015
di Lloyd S.

This place is a city eatery, like many other popular places in the city it's busy and if you turn up at the wrong time (1230-1330) your gonna sit in a long Que.

We opted for the sit down section in the restaurant, it's a conveyor belt sushi place with quite a lot of seats but still busy during weekday lunch time with city sorts.

The food was actually ok, there's a lot of selecton and the... Continua

3.0 su 5
09 September 2015
di Haley F.

See, heres the thing.

Generally by the time I've actually realised i'm hungry, its too late and i'm in full blown hangry, bite your head off mode. Which means anywhere I can go and start eating as soon as I sit gets a massive thumbs up from me. Yay for calming the hunger demons.

When it comes to sushi - I'm a born and bred californian, so I'd like to say I know the stuff, or at least I've... Continua

2.0 su 5
18 November 2014
di Janice L.

overpriced, doesn't look fresh, basically this place sucks-- and also sucks your money Continua

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