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The Trafalgar Studios is a theatre in London's Trafalgar Square. The theatre has two auditoriums and is a great place to catch a play or comedy show.

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Trafalgar Studios

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02 June 2016
di Robbie B.

Decent theatre, a bit further away from the chaos of the other theatres which is more pleasant. Inside there are at least two areas for different plays. Saw The Spoils here, really good show + cast. Continua

4.0 su 5
16 December 2016
di Rich H.

Summary based on attendance at several productions in both theatres 1 and 2:

-theatre 2 can be really cramped, but it's very intimate

-good sightlines, acoustics, and temperature control in each Continua

5.0 su 5
02 January 2018
di Therese L.

Routinely puts on some amazing productions and there are always cheap tickets available either directly through the box office or on TodayTix.

Really intimate theatre experience and very contemporary. Great for people who aren't into all the pomp and circumstance that can accompany theatre outings. Continua

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09 February 2016
di Karishma P.

I returned for the second time to this theatre. The first time was for James Mcavoy's absolutely brilliant performance in "The Ruling Class". Today was for "The Homecoming" which also starred Gemma Chan.

This is a small intimate theatre, so almost all the seats offer excellent views. Of course the closer you are to the stage, the better it is. There are no pillars, so there is no "restricted... Continua

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30 July 2017
di Morton P.

This is the worst theater qua theater I have ever been in, especially for people with disabilities. It seems to have been constructed so as to have as many stairs as possible. Sometimes to get from one point to another you have to go down and then up stairs. There is a lift for the disabled. It holds two people, one of whom must be a staff member! The assisted hearing devices lacked rubber... Continua

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