Enjoy a taste of Brazil at Westfield London, including street food dishes, barbeque skewers and steaks. Continua


Enjoy a taste of Brazil at Westfield London, including street food dishes, barbeque skewers and steaks.

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3 Ariel Way
W12 7GH

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08 July 2015
di Nuella D.

Let's just start from the beginning shall we.... It was blazing outside and inside my tummy! I needed fuel! But I wanted to be taken to flavour town so a few of us chose cabana! Best decision that day!

Sat down and the cocktail menu was practically shoved in my face! I was about to protest but I realised that I in fact Wanted a cold cocktail so the guy actually recieved a coy smile from me.... Continua

4.0 su 5
01 December 2017
di Kyle T.

First time in London looking for a place to eat. Cabana looked inviting due to the grilled meats and sides that were offered. I tried the Spicy Malagueta Chicken. It wasn't really spicy at all because I assume the heat cooks off when they grill the meat. The sauce itself is on the table and that has a good kick to it. Overall the food was great, coleslaw was different but I still ate it.... Continua

3.0 su 5
11 December 2017
di Michael M.

Pretty solid spot! Service was pretty slow though but that seems to be how it is everywhere. The food was good as expected it's BBQ don't have an high or low expectations it is as advertised. Continua

3.0 su 5
09 July 2016
di Joice T.

Great Brazilian bbq chain. Love the decor here and close to work so good for a quick bite to eat.

We chose the chicken and beef as the grill and they didn't disappoint. The beef cooked medium rare as I wanted and the spicy chicken has the kick it advertised.

Love the quinoa salad, recommend paying the extra £1 to get it as yummy filling and you can lie to yourself that as you didn't go... Continua

4.0 su 5
02 April 2016
di Priya K.

I love this branch, its probably the best for food and service. I have visited wembley and hated it, still like the covent garden one, but this is my fave :)

It was pretty empty at about 2:30ish, so food arrived quickly. I got the spicy malagueta chicken with the prawns and rosemary fries and to drink a fresh lemonade with touch of soda water and slices of lemon and lime - just what I needed... Continua

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