Hilly Fields Park

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Hilly Fields Park


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4.0 su 5
26 May 2016
di Jim W.

Great hilly park, good play park for kids on the top, stone circle, cafe, and nice big tree's. Continua

4.0 su 5
21 November 2008
di PenToPaper

Tucked between Brockley and Ladywell in South East London this park is a great place for locals to come and relax on a hot Summer's day.

As the name suggests it's not the flatest of spaces but it is definitely a large enough space of green to escape the urban sprawls of surrounding Lewisham, New Cross, Catford et al.

Great for an evening stroll, a Summer picnic or just if your craving a... Continua

4.0 su 5
28 May 2008

I love this place in the summer. A haven of greenery nestling on the edge of the urban hives of New Cross and Lewisham. A playground and swings for the kids if you have them, and a set of tennis courts should you feel the urge. There are great views of Canary Wharf on a clear day and an amble around the small stone circle is a must. I prefer to just lie back and read in the sun though.

I... Continua

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04 December 2008
di papaslut

Hilly Fields, To those that don't know then read Henry Williamson. He was born there, read 'The Dark Lantern' the first of his 15 vols called 'The Chronical of ancient sunlight' the library will have all 15 vols, beautiful descriptions of the Hilly fields from 1895 to the beginning of WW1.

The most detailed descriptions of life at those times of the whole area.

Bert Collins Continua

5.0 su 5
02 February 2010
di dnl05

This is a nice spot for the local residents. As a previous reviewer said, you wouldn't travel long distances to visit Hilly Fields, but it is an asset for the local community. It is peaceful and a lovely sanctuary to go to on a warm summer's day from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. The Hills are quite high and steep so you do get good views of London on a clear day. Continua

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