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3 Southampton Street

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30 July 2016
di Laura P.

Pricey, but well worth it because of the personal service and the vast selection.

On day 2 in London it was clear that the shoes that worked for me in Dallas would NOT work at all in London. I hobbled in, barely able to walk, ad in great pain from shows that had become too tight from all the walking I had done. I left nearly pain free, in shoes that not only supported and housed my swollen... Continua

4.0 su 5
20 November 2016
di Grégoire B.

Nice large store in center London for all outdoors gear : hike, ski, mountain, . It is probably one of the largest store with Snow Rock on Mercer st. Came for a quick check today and will go back to look around again Continua

3.0 su 5
19 December 2008
di Lusea W.

This is a large store specialising in camping gear, out door gadgets, climbing, and snowboarding/ skiing clothing and accessories.

I found their best products to be out doors gadgets like The Meteotronic Weather Forecast hand held device which provides a professional weather- pretty useful for £40. This store could give you some great ideas for what to get Dad for Christmas/ birthday. In... Continua

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