Fountains Abbey


Taylor Walker provide British food and drink to the people through their many pubs. The provide sandwiches, classic pub food and a range of beverages.

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Fountains Abbey

109 Praed Street
W2 1RL
+44 (0)20 7723 2364
Trasporti pubblici:
Paddington, Underground

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6.00 su 5
Basato su 28 recensioni

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3.0 su 5
04 September 2017
di Bob U.

I don't understand the negative reviews. I've been here a few times, for beer and food and never had a bad experience. I usually stay in a hotel very close to here so it's super convenient. they have a Waygu burger that comes with cooked prosciutto and cheese that is really good. friday nights there's live music too

always worth a stop on my frequent trips to London Continua

2.0 su 5
07 December 2016
di Juan G.

The woman manager, I think her name was Meth, had a bad and condescending attitude. The rest of the staff was great.

I order the fish n chips. The picture on the menu has two small pickled onions (I really like pickled onions!!) and when Meth the manager served me my plate I saw only one onion. So I asked her and she condescending replied "we serve them by weight not qty. But if you really... Continua

5.0 su 5
18 March 2018
di Tony L.

I had a Guinness and fish and chips. Very well done.

I ended up changing tables and told one waitress, but that didn't get around to the other waitress who brought my plate, so she was a bit irked.

I'd definitely go back. Continua

5.0 su 5
13 March 2018
di Mark P.

Great pub and well priced. The steak pie was fantastic and the chicken mushroom pie was also quite good. Really good value

*update* After trying a couple other nearby pubs I thought I'd reiterate how good the pies were here as well as the atmosphere for drink. Given it was my first London pub I maybe didn't give it enough credit. Turns out they are not all created equal. Continua

2.0 su 5
04 August 2017
di David S.

Apparently a famous botanist used to drink here, but then again this is London which basically means it is almost impossible to go into a pub that a famous person hasn't had a drink at (or at least one that is pretty old). This one was just around the corner from my hotel, though as it turns out, there were at least three other pubs in a short walking distance as well (though I didn't go to... Continua

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