Kerbisher & Malt

Kerbisher & Malt aims to serve the best fish and chips in London, using carefully selected ingredients. Continua


Kerbisher & Malt aims to serve the best fish and chips in London, using carefully selected ingredients.

Chef and co-owner Saul Reuben trained at Leith's and previously worked at OXO Tower and Racine.

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Kerbisher & Malt

164 Shepherd's Bush Road
W6 7PB
+44 20 3556 0228

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9.00 su 5
Basato su 76 recensioni

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4.0 su 5
01 September 2017
di Laura W.

The location is great-right near BrewDog. Although they do have drinks there, I'd recommend BrewDog first. Anyways, the quality of this fish and chips was my preferred of the two places we tried. The portions are very large to boot. My husband and I each ordered a fish and chips meal-his with cod and mine with haddock. Instead of mushy peas, we asked for double chips but were told they can't... Continua

5.0 su 5
04 August 2015
di Bijou N.

Delicious! My friends and I were looking for a good fish n chips place (typical tourists that we are) and we came across Kerbisher and Malt on yelp! It's a really nice and simple ambiance.

You can choose from a variety of different fish and cook them in different ways. Cooking methods can be grilled or fried (in original breadcrumbs or matzo) and you'll get chips too! There are a few... Continua

4.0 su 5
30 November 2016
di David B.

Meal: Dinner, dine in

All Ratings out of 10:

Quality of food: 8

Food to Spend Value: 8

Quality of Service: 8

Overall Rating: 8

I had to try true British fish and chips at least once while in London. After talking with a few folks, I received a lot of recommendations for Kerbisher & Malt. So for a mid-week dinner in the Hammersmith area, I headed over to see what I thought.

There were 5... Continua

4.0 su 5
08 October 2017
di Chad W.

Good stuff. Staff are a bit impersonal, but food is great. Chip portions are too big and the chip doesn't really get a lot of love. Very run of the mill chips.

Fish great. Vibe great. Glad they're here. Continua

4.0 su 5
11 October 2016
di Tiffany B.

YaaaaAaaAaaS fish & chips - by far one of my favorite heart attack inducing meals. My cousin Tammy T. & I ordered takeout with a side of mushy peas & pickled onion rings. We ordered the cod & it was absolutely delicious. The fish was perfectly flakey, moist, & the batter was really nice. The chips were pretty good, but you know, I'm American, so I prefer them to be extra crispy rather than... Continua

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