A sculpture moving throughout the City, transforming a simple idea into a remarkable live event.

Most of us have experienced the delight of toppling over dominoes one-by-one. UK-based Station House Opera takes this playful notion and re-enacts it on a grand scale for London's Burning.

Thousands of breezeblocks were lined up throughout the Square Mile. Starting off at a single location, the domino line split into three, each line threading its way through the historical and everyday parts of The City, linking areas in a symbolic as well as physical chain of cause and effect, tracing paths through The City as did the Great Fire of London.

Along streets, across city squares and even inside buildings, one block tipped over the next, each route led to a spectacular, fiery finale.

For its return to the capital, Dominoes traced the longest route ever, measuring 7km long in total. 26,000 breezeblocks were laid out with the help of 600 volunteers.

Station House Opera is an internationally renowned performance company with a unique physical and visual style. Founded in 1980 it has produced over 30 productions of widely varying scale and focus, each rooted in a practice that brings together theatre and the visual arts in a single unified vision. The company has created projects in a variety of locations all over the world, from New York's Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage to Dresden's historic Frauenkirche and Salisbury Cathedral, and has toured the world, from Azerbaijan to Kosovo, China to Brazil.

The company is led by artistic director and co-founder Julian Maynard Smith and has worked with over 100 performers in various different projects  It is currently also developing a telematic theatre project with performers in London and Gaza, connecting the lives of people separated by a great political, economic and physical divide.

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