Mr Wu

Mr Wu is a chain of Chinese restaurants that serve a buffet where you can eat as much as you like. En savoir plus

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Mr Wu is one branch in a chain of Chinese restaurants that serve a buffet where you can eat as much as you like.

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Mr Wu

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28 Wardour Street

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4.00 sur 5
D'après 43 critiques

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1.0 sur 5
12 June 2017
par Wilson C.

I came in to this Chinese restaurant in London Chinatown because it was pouring and my parents just wanted to eat somewhere. Though cheap, you really get what you pay for if not a lot less. The space was extremely cramped and the food was soggy and you could tell was not fresh. I would not recommend at all to eat here and the only reason why I came was because of my parents and to also get out... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
21 September 2011
par Patrick M.

I'm gonna go against the grain on this one and give Mr. Wu 3 Stars. Sorry Lizzie.

I'm a novice at Chinese food and all you can eat is usually for drunk nights or mornings) out.

It was more money that the other buffets in China Town and it looked like locals were there. I figured "what the hell".

The selection was good. The food was hot. Everything tasted pretty darn good.

As a foody, I worry... En savoir plus

1.0 sur 5
02 February 2018
par Tom T.

Part of me I'm amazed this place is still opened after 18 years. This place is so cheap they pour oil into the white rice to make you fill up faster.

The place was 3 quid for entry back in 2000. It's now a whopping 9 quid En savoir plus

2.0 sur 5
01 December 2016
par wilmer d.

If you are looking for bad food this is the place, never ever I'm been eating bad Chinese food worst in my life I tried everything nothing was good beware with sea food rice has chicken little bones can hard your mouth.

Si quieres comer la peor comida china te recomiendo este lugar nunca antes en mi vida había comido tan mal En savoir plus

1.0 sur 5
25 January 2018
par Ga S.

It is a real Chinese restaurant, but the food is the worst Chinese food I ever had in both China and UK. Staff was nice, but it didn't help the quality of food. Not fresh, too greasy and over cooked. I will never go back. En savoir plus

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