Sushi Tetsu

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Sushi Tetsu

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12 Jerusalem Passage

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5.0 sur 5
10 December 2017
par Thomas A.

A really great experience, the food was top quality as was the service. If in London, and you truly want to have a great dining experience, you have to check this place out. Small but very intimate just perfect for a cold rainy night. En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
26 April 2017
par Soomin R.

Went for dinner with a friend, who had to call 139 times to get a reservation. But it was worth it all.

She had omakase, whilst I had a la carte. I had a combination of octopus sashimi, tuna sashimi, squid nigiri, sweet shrimp nigiri, jumbo shrimp nigiri, scallops nigiri, tuna rolls, razor clam rolls and yellowtail hand roll. Everything was remarkably fresh and perfect, down to every ratio... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
14 October 2017
par Aiza C.

Saw the reviews and wanted to check for myself what the hype is all about and was able to get a seat following their Twitter account. I've heard from the other diners that they tried calling 40-50x to get a booking.

This is one incredibly good sushi restaurant. Only seats 7, so you'll feel quite special getting a seat! The setting is intimate and I definitely got to know the other diners... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
20 April 2018
par Jacqueline C.

For his birthday, my friend's only wish was to come here for an omakase and I cannot stop thinking about it! I had to make about 200 calls to get a reservation but it was worth it.

There are two sittings for omakase each day, one at 5:30PM and one at 8:30PM. The interior is very intimate and each sitting serves 7 people only. Bookings are made at least two weeks to one month in advance... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
03 December 2016
par Chantee F.

Sushi Tetsu defines greatness and the chef's precision and dedication is apparent on every plate. This place exudes class and much respect to the service-oriented staff and master chef himself. It is obvious he takes pride in his job and you will taste it in every bite.

This is the sort of experience where you must be open to anything. They will ask if you have any food aversions or allergies... En savoir plus

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