Prix moyen par plat £10.00 par personne
Prix dépensé en moyenne £30.00 par personne

Détails et plan du lieu


Adresse :
Plaza Parade
Téléphone :
+44 20 7543 6000

Critiques de Yelp

5.00 sur 5
D'après 3 critiques

Top 3 reviews of Fratelli

3.0 sur 5
08 July 2015
par Stacey L.

We were staying at the Marriott Maida Vale, where Fratelli is located. We ate there for dinner after touring all day when we didn't feel like going out again for dinner. The gnocchi was delicious. The pasta was light and fluffy, and the flavors or the sausage and spices were delicious. It was the perfect dinner for a weary traveler. En savoir plus

1.0 sur 5
02 July 2016
par Emma Jasper W.

ZERO for customer service.

4 people behind bar, including one mid aged women in blazer who appeared to be "manager" of some sort...... stood there chatting and chatting and chatting..... restaurant was empty but open..... i finally seated myself. (although there was no sign to do so). waited and waited and waited. no one came by to give me menu or at least take my room... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
20 March 2013
par Chris G.

Located at the ass end of Kilburn High Road. Not in Maida Vale or Maida Hill (erm nice try, Maida Hill is miles away). But I guess you can't blame the Marriott marketing team for trying to spice up the address for the tourists.

Nonetheless, Fratelli is a pretty good all round local Italian that is built into the Marriott hotel. Due to the location, the restaurant lacks passion and flare. The... En savoir plus

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