Maddox Club Restaurant

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Prix type par repas From £26.00 par personne

£26 to £40

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Maddox Club Restaurant

Adresse :
3 - 5 Mill Street
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Critiques de Yelp

6.00 sur 5
D'après 25 critiques

Top 25 reviews of Maddox Club Restaurant

4.0 sur 5
12 April 2013
par Benjamin P.

I was invited to go to Maddox as part of a group on 'VIP' guest list. We arrived between 10 and 11pm, and were let in very smoothly at the door. There wasn't much of a line up and the door staff were friendly enough. The upstairs area was quietish, it's downstairs where the clubbing takes place.

It stayed relatively quiet until midnight/1pm-ish when the place really started to fill up. This... En savoir plus

1.0 sur 5
28 January 2016
par Sophie M.

If I could give zero stars I would.

I queued here for 40 minutes with 3 girl friends.

Finally at the front of the queue, the group in front and my group were then ushered onto the street on the side of the road, thinking we might be next in.

We stood on the corner of the road with no explanation of what was going on.

We were then told to move further down the street and against the wall... En savoir plus

2.0 sur 5
29 May 2017
par Sara D.

Bartender stole our money!! Some friends and I got invited by a promoter and the music was great but the bartender literally stole from us. He charged us £30 for 3 vodka sodas, so we hand him two 20 notes. He walks away without giving back change. We ask him for our change and he lies and says he charged £40 and walks away again. £40 for 3 mixed drinks..? sketchy, disgusting, unprofessional... En savoir plus

2.0 sur 5
28 July 2016
par Hannah M.

The club itself is rather beautiful, lovely lights, with nice little (and I mean little) booths, and a reasonable selection of drinks.

It's mostly hip-hop, and you need to make an effort.

The night you have here depends on entirely the people who surround you, I had one very excellent night here, with everyone being absolutely lovely, but space is limited, so it's hard to escape if there are... En savoir plus

1.0 sur 5
26 September 2014
par Nina P.

I originally wrote a glowing review of maddox club but after an awful experience at the restaurant and a run in with the staff and their treatment of you when you aren't spending a 6 figure bill I have to change my review.

I was invited to a birthday dinner at the Maddox club restaurant a couple of months ago, the food was average and the service up until the bill came was mediocre. The bill... En savoir plus

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