The Enterprise, Camden

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The Enterprise, situated across from the Chalk Farm tube station, is one of the best loved pubs in Camden. By day, it's a relaxed pub serving quality beers and delicious pub food. By night, it's a popular gig venue and bar with a vibrant atmosphere.

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The Enterprise, Camden

Adresse :
2 Haverstock Hill
Téléphone :
+44 (0)20 7485 2659
Transports publics
Chalk Farm, Underground

Critiques de Yelp

7.00 sur 5
D'après 25 critiques

Top 25 reviews of The Enterprise, Camden

3.0 sur 5
28 January 2011
par Nicola M.

Tipped up here the other night for a friends gig, was loving the patriotic bunting, cardboard Marilyn Monroe cut-outs and general wall tat when something started to happen.......Sweating. This place is ridic hot and humid. The bar prices are sky high though the service was quick and cheery. My bum ached on the rock hard stool until the beer numbed the pain but the worst was yet to come.... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
30 November 2015
par Aaron D.

I don't know what it is about the Enterprise but on the surface doesn't have loads going for it. Slightly worn out and your usual array of larger and beer and not much in the way of ale. Toilets are on the ruff side and the bar staff struggle to crack a smile when serving.

Yet it does have a very warm and welcoming appeal to it that makes it a great pub.

For years I've never been able to... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
15 December 2008
par Katy I.

The Enterprise is probably the least Camden of the Camden pubs in this area. Not being a Camdeny Camden type, I feel out of my comfort zone at the Hawley and the Lock Tavern, I don't really enjoy the atmosphere in those pubs and am not particularly interested in catching a glimpse of Johnny Borell or Amy Winehouse doing a guest appearance behind the bar or whatever they do in the... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
24 April 2015
par Maxime P.

Went to The Enterprise when my friends were playing a gig upstairs. The pub itself is pretty good for drinking, interesting decor without being pretentious like the majority of other pubs in the area. The range of drinks was good but service was a little slow, that could be down to the fact that it was a busy Saturday night, but I'd still expect better bar management.

The gig venue is... En savoir plus

2.0 sur 5
19 January 2013
par Angela C.

Football watching: yes

Drinks with friends: no

I've been in twice. Once, during the day while football was on. Seemed like a good crowd, people actually into the game.

On Friday, I went for drinks with the Irishman's colleagues. It was obnoxiously loud. It was dark. I got stared at and commented at by male strangers on my way to and from the toilet (and it was only 6:30 pm). No thanks!

We... En savoir plus

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