Brixton Market

Brixton Market on Electric Avenue is a busy and vibrant local street market selling food, homewear and all the essentials. En savoir plus

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Brixton Market on Electric Avenue is a busy and vibrant local street market selling food, homewear and all the essentials.

Brixton Farmers' Market on Brixton Station Road opened in September 2009, with a very warm response from locals. The area is very community-oriented with lots of people interested in knowing where their food has come from.

Look out for biodynamic fruit from Brambletye Fruit Farm and Akiki Organics, a fantastic range of free range meats from Boarstall farm, and fabulous fresh fruit and veg from farms in Cambridgeshire, Kent and Lincolnshire, plus a great deal more.

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Brixton Market

Adresse :
Brixton Station Road
Téléphone :
+44 7960 942060

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9.00 sur 5
D'après 69 critiques

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2.0 sur 5
06 May 2016
par Ila S.

I hate to say this, but all I smelled is fish. Yes, there are funky shops and funky people so it's an interesting place to walk through. But all I smelled was fish! So much raw fish at so many stands. I'm glad I went and saw it but... Fish. Most likely won't be back any time soon. Sorry Brixton. En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
29 April 2013
par Powell M.

Love, love, love the store, stalls, and hawkers of Brixton Market. It's the only 6 blocks in London where I don't constently feel like I am getting ripped off.

Great place for fresh meat, fish, and veg.

You'll be hard pressed to spend more than 20$ for a week's worth of grocery. En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
20 April 2013
par Andreas P.

If you like things on the edgy and urban side then this is the best place to go to in London.

Forget the polished terraces of Borough market, this is downright raw, rough, (slightly getto at times) London.

Hipsters are taking over and the new wave of restaurants makes it less scary to go there and gives a very interesting array of new things to try. But being a local I'd choose this over any... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
04 July 2017
par Will H.

We are looking forward to coming to this market. I'd read that it had a lot of different types of food and food vendors. What we found was a lot of the same. A lot of the same type of meat markets, same type of fruit and veg shops. There were a ton of venders selling stuff you'd find at a flea market, designer knock off sunglasses, luggage. We walked the streets of Brixton Market for about 30... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
04 March 2015
par Rosemond D.

I guess if you're after market stuff, it's great. There's a really trendy part which took me off guard.. Right next to the guy selling tomatoes and yams was a japanase restaurant.

It looked a little like Shoreditch. Much be a new edition, Decent I guess. Check out meat liquor if you're there :) En savoir plus

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