Ye Olde White Horse

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Ye Olde White Horse serve a variety of beers, wines, spirits and pub snacks including sandwiches.

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Ye Olde White Horse

Adresse :
2 St. Clement's Lane
Téléphone :
+44 (0)20 7242 5518
Transports publics
Holborn, Underground

Critiques de Yelp

8.00 sur 5
D'après 16 critiques

Top 16 reviews of Ye Olde White Horse

4.0 sur 5
06 October 2017
par William M.

You can stumble by as I did, or make your way here. Off the beaten path, for sure. Lots of young people spilling out the doors and inside a bit of a wait to order but nice selection of drinks, the beer always a draw. Lively and engaging crowd.

Enjoy! En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
19 November 2013
par Alex S.

I'm with Socrates M - "great pub on the LSE campus"

Which is why I'm giving my former self tons of noogies and arm pinches: why did I never go here when I was an LSE student?

I'll be honest: London-life doesn't regularly take me t'wards Houghton Street anymore. However, in those rare times that it does...Ye Olde White Horse is not a bad place to hang one's hat for a few (minutes,... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
06 September 2015
par Rachael H.

Caveat: we went to this tucked-away pub purely because the student union opposite was closed. Considering I am way too old for a student union I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to the level of establishment I was seeking when we ended up here.

Another caveat: we spent our couple of drinks around the corner, outside the pub - basically by some bins. This was not a charming pub... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
07 May 2015
par Craig D.

Solid pub option on the LSE campus. Even though it's right across from the modern student centre, always seems to fill up with office workers and barristers from the nearby Royal Courts in the evening.

Small but cozy, with clean bathrooms downstairs and cheap drinks. Didn't try the food except the ubiquitous McCoys chips. Booths in the back are comfy and service is friendly - I was 10p short... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
30 March 2013
par Trey E.

Tucked away near the LSE buildings off the A4, Ye Olde White Horse has an upscale college pub feel about it, with great drinks and an attentive staff that stays out of the way. Expect a mix of all types enjoying a tasty drink late into the evening hours. En savoir plus

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