Oval Underground Station

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Oval Underground Station

Adresse :
318 Kennington Park Road
SE11 4PP

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4.0 sur 5
13 April 2013
par Andreas P.

Im not so sure about Oval. It's too small for a tube station in this area. It's also fairly rigid and always on a competition with other tube stations as to the most inventive quote of the day, a tradition Oval initiated. Anyway it takes me where I want to go so it's good. En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
18 April 2012
par Katie B.

Oval Underground Station is teeny-tiny.

It's on the northern (black) line, handily located just one stop away from Kennington in one direction (where you can jump onto the ever popular Vicky-blue line), and also comes before the northern line splits in the other direction (Bank and Charing Cross branches).

It's located, as the name might suggest, near to the Oval Cricket Ground, and is also... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
30 July 2014
par Tammy T.

Oval tube station is the best London Underground station for many reasons...

1) They write a quote of the day on a white board! The QOTD is always wise, heartfelt or witty. It's been nearly a year since I've commuted started commuting to and from Oval, and I cannot recall a duplicate quote!

2) Classical music... It's always playing in the background and it's awesome.

3) Foliage. Oval... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
15 January 2012
par Josephine B.

Arrhh the Oval! In theory this station isn't or shouldn't really be that interesting, and honestly it isn't, but, for some reason, I rather like it anyway.

I think perhaps because it is located (not surprising), steps away for the world famous Oval Cricket Ground. Which I have ventured into, and offers a great day out, like most gentleman played sports. Even if you're not a huge Cricket fan,... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
09 July 2011
par Yee Gan O.

A true Yelper should be reviewing Underground stations. Please discuss.

In the meantime, while you guys debate whether it's actually worth posting a review about an Underground station unless there's some particularly interesting or important fact about it, I shall post a review of Oval Underground station.

Oval station isn't oval. However, it is located close to the Oval cricket ground,... En savoir plus

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