Leicester Square Underground Station

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Leicester Square Underground Station

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Cranbourn Street

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4.0 sur 5
22 October 2016
par Emma D.

Perfectly located if you want to get to the Leicester Square area, Piccadilly, Soho or Charing Cross road and on both the Northern and Piccadilly line, so you're bound to change/leave through this station at some point during your time in London. It is a very busy station due to there being lots of tourists in the area but it is actually ok to navigate, apart from leaving/entering the station... En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
17 July 2011
par Yee Gan O.

My family used to play Monopoly in Malaysia for years before my sister and I came over to boarding school in England. From our extensive Malaysian-English vocabulary, we called it 'Lay-ses-ter' square whenever we played Monopoly.

Well, imagine my complete bewilderment when I came over to school in England and was told by my English friends that it was pronounced 'Lester' square. Really?? Can... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
10 March 2012
par Wayne H.

For god's sake, don't all insist on crowding into the Chinatown exit stairwell- there are three others.

I assure you that all lead upward but to different corners of the same intersection, you lemmings. En savoir plus

4.0 sur 5
31 August 2015
par Frank D.

Lots of people at this tube station, but still good overall.

Man, when I used Leicester Square I had no idea everyone else in London was going to as well. Apparently a lot of tube transfers occur at this station, plus Chinatown is close by, so that would explain why so many people are here.

Despite the amount of people there, the tube station was not dirtied and crappy-looking. It looked... En savoir plus

3.0 sur 5
17 December 2010
par Bruce K.

A busy transfer station for the Northern and Piccadilly Lines, Leicester Square is central to the Soho district. Extremely long escalators here, they are nearly the deepest on the entire Underground, 177 feet below street level.

The station is in Zone 1 with ticket barricades and an Oyster reader. If someone asks you to tell them how to say it, they're hunting for tourists. It's pronounced... En savoir plus

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