Hammersmith Underground Station

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Hammersmith Underground Station

Hammersmith Broadway
W6 9YA

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08 January 2017
por Arthur F.

I'm staying in Barnes and took the bus to Hammersmith, which is like a downtown business and shopping district.

Got off at the last stop to go to the Hammersmith Station.

The station has a lot of food places and shops. I'm going to get the train to go to the Westfield Mall. So far so good.

In Tampa I'd drive 2.5 miles in an a/c car, here I'm all bundled up dealing with public transport,... Más información

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17 February 2015
por Karishma P.

The Hammersmith and Circle Line is a dffierent Station from the Picadilly and District Line. They are oppostie each other across the street Más información

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08 October 2010
por Bruce K.

Hammersmith is the westernmost station on the Hammersmith & City line and a number of the Circle Line trains take this branch and terminate here as well. It is also on the Piccadilly and District lines, but there are two separate stations separated by Hammersmith Broadway - you have to exit and cross the street to transfer from the Hammersmith & City station to get to the Piccadilly/District... Más información

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10 September 2017
por Laura W.

Lots of fast-casual type food here, there's a Tesco, bathrooms are 50 pence. This is a really good central underground station. I also like they have a drug store with make up which is surprisingly difficult to find in several European cities. Más información

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17 September 2013
por Ozel R.

Slightly confusing for those who aren't aware that there are two stations situated in Hammersmith- one with the District and Piccadilly lines and the other with the Hammersmith & City and Circle lines.

I usually get the Piccadilly line which leads me to the Broadway (across the road from its sister station) which is also a bus station. The Broadway has a selection of various shops and fast... Más información

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