Bank Underground Station

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Bank Underground Station

King William Street

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11 January 2016
por Chris F.

What a horrible station. If you can somehow avoid having to end up here as part of your journey then you really should. Don't get on here after work either as the queue is demoralising. I guess they have to keep numbers down on the platform but why anyone would would wait like that if they have any other choice beats me. Luckily this queue only occasionally impacts me, when i have to cut... Más información

3.0 de 5
30 May 2015
por Armony H.

Can get very busy at peak times and quite a lot of people are pushing and being generally impatient and rude (is if due to the station's name??)

Quite big and a lot of connections here, so it's quite practical.

Staff is usually nice and helpful despite many unruly customers.

If i had a piece of advice to give, i would say: practical but avoid at peak times! Más información

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