Al Santo

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Al Santo

23 Vanston Place
Transporte público:
Fulham Broadway, Underground

Opiniones de Yelp

8.00 de 5
Basado en 13 críticas

Las 13 mejores opiniones de Al Santo

5.0 de 5
23 October 2016
por Michael C.

It's been a while since I've been to Al Santo. The restaurant has been touched up a bit - maybe they're catching on how brilliant of a place it is! Still an easy 5 stars!

Atmosphere is 5/5. Super cute and down to earth. Dining at Al Santo really really makes you feel like you're in Italy or Greece, not London. The staff are friendly too. This is a great romantic place for a date.

Food 5/5... Más información

5.0 de 5
03 July 2016
por Nick W.

This place is amazing! Modest little spot that you probably wouldn't think much of walking by, and when you walk in, you get this lopsided grin at the highly eclectic interior (pop culture mixed with authentic Italian/Greek and a big ass buddha on one wall). :P

The staff are incredibly friendly and do their best to make it an enjoyable experience, without too much fuss. They make it a place... Más información

4.0 de 5
11 August 2015
por Ameena D.

Had lunch at Al Santo are my thoughts:

Ambiance: this restaurant is very rustic and eclectic, but not really to my taste. I prefer a more uniform look, which to me always seems cleaner! The open windows gave the place a nice feel but the menus could use a very good clean (they are filthy).

Service: food takes a while but servers are all nice enough.


-- Greek salad was... Más información

5.0 de 5
21 August 2017
por Scott H.

We stayed in the flat next to Al Santo during a recent trip to London and could not have been more pleased. As a family, we try to keep gluten-free and were amazed Al Santo had fresh pasta for our kids! The food was so good, we actually ended up eating here for three straight nights! They put their menu on old jazz record albums!

The staff was incredible. Gabrielle, Simone, Franchesca,... Más información

1.0 de 5
11 November 2017
por R Z.

I sat down and ordered pasta and after 30 minutes of waiting I asked and they told me they'd forgotten to put in my order. Half empty restaurant on a Saturday afternoon and this was my first restaurant experience in London. Thank you for making a hungry traveller wait forever and leave with an empty stomach. Shame on you. Más información

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