Porky's BBQ Camden

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Porky’s signature dish is slow-cooked pork, Memphis style. The people of Camden absolutely love this hedonistic pork-based restaurant, so expect a full house. Más información

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Porky’s is a strictly BBQ restaurant, bringing the Memphis style of slow-grilled pork to North London. If you’re heading to Camden for a show or a night out, and need a quick, hearty fix of barbecue, try Porky’s and ask for the pulled pork. Portion sizes are large, there is a good selection of whisky, and the jalapeno cornbread is a favourite of visitors from the US.


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Porky's BBQ Camden

18 Chalk Farm Road

Opiniones de Yelp

7.00 de 5
Basado en 30 críticas

Las 30 mejores opiniones de Porky's BBQ Camden

3.0 de 5
29 May 2018
por K P.

I've been to Porky's twice now and hoping that the second time would be better than the first, but alas, the service/attitude from one particular 'could-give-less-of-a-s"@&' waitress continues to pervade.

The other two waiting staff are lovely (one is a new waitress from Brisbane and hopefully doesn't learn from this bad member of staff) they are always smiling and strikes a lovely... Más información

3.0 de 5
25 June 2016
por Megan S.

I hate doing this. I've been weighing up re-reviewing for a while, after giving an enthusiastic 5 star review a while ago. That was on the basis of several visits, so it didn't seem fair to change my opinion on a one off experience. However, I've now probably been back as many times as I had been before (5? 8? something like that) and I think it's just less special than it was.

There are... Más información

4.0 de 5
18 May 2016
por Jen B.

An American-like feel with country music and all. The decor has various pictures of American music artists.

The menu is typical of such BBQ establishments. Pulled pork, baby back ribs....etc etc. smells authentic but I'm not sold.

I got the Porky burger; pulled pork, bacon, cheese on a meat patty cooked to your liking. It was actually really good - better than I expected. They didn't come... Más información

4.0 de 5
23 January 2018
por Jacob N.


Good BBQ for the price. Authenitic American cuisine (I am a yank, I know good bbq). Fall off the bone ribs and good beer always makes me feel like home.


Not truely "Memphis" so to speak. I guess Im just used to the dry rub, so wet ribs feel a bit inauthentic to me when I think of Memphis. Also the manager would not let me switch sides from slaw and pickles to fries and let me pay... Más información

3.0 de 5
09 July 2017
por Jack J.

The ribs are quite nice, the meat were very tender and very tasty. But the sides are bit SK disappointing... the coleslaw was tasting not fresh enough with some strange tastes...

The taco with chess and pulled porks were very nice! But they have to find a way to keep it warm... and it is so easy to become cold and taste not that appetitive... Más información

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