Engawa Restaurant

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Engawa Restaurant

Unit 4, 2 Ham Yard

Opiniones de Yelp

7.00 de 5
Basado en 11 críticas

Las 11 mejores opiniones de Engawa Restaurant

5.0 de 5
04 February 2016
por Daniel F.

Food at Engawa just makes me want to swim all the way back to Tokyo, go straight back to the Tsukiji market and devour every bit of fish they have.

The Bento box is an amazing array of fish and combinations that will wow you just as much visually. It's just a delightful treat that will leave you gushing for your camera phone as you happily snap away from different angles. Some hot and cold... Más información

1.0 de 5
20 May 2018
por Gregory H.

This restaurant is japanese as the fish&chips is american... It's not because you serve kobe and kama-toro with a hi-price tag that magically you're become a japanese restaurant. We got some bento boxes too quickly (and they were too cold as they were wainting in a fridge) to be made " a la minute "

Less than one hour after my wife was vomiting, I dont know if there is a link. Más información

4.0 de 5
28 July 2017
por Ada H.

I usually despise eating beef but wagyu is my one and only exception. What outstanding flavors wagyu has. Buttery tenderized meat that just liquifies in your mouth. Oh the glory of eating wagyu. My mother heard this place is renowned for their wagyu. I definitely agree. The presentation was delicately set up. Their shashimi bento box is also great. I'm a big fan of toro and in the u tied... Más información

3.0 de 5
30 July 2017
por Louise H.

We ordered the Bento box and Wagyu Don Box. I would say the Wagyu Don box is way better than the other one. Service is excellent. Ok food, super instagramable, but overpriced. Más información

4.0 de 5
02 November 2017
por Kadie D.

Great sashimi and sushi - fish is superb. Kobe beef is pretty special too - very rich meat. Very small restaurant, you need a reservation and beware it's small quarters. Más información

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