YO! Sushi St Paul's

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YO! Sushi St Paul's

Condor House
5-14 St Paul's Churchyard
+44 (0)20 7248 8726

Opiniones de Yelp

6.00 de 5
Basado en 34 críticas

Las 34 mejores opiniones de YO! Sushi St Paul's

2.0 de 5
31 October 2015
por Alok B.

Average mass marketed/produced Sushi

Got a long hair in a sushi piece.

Also saw an employee pick up sushi from one side of belt and put it on another side of it to make it look like freshly prepared. Sneaky! Más información

4.0 de 5
17 January 2018
por David B.

Fun place for sushi. I'll give you that the quality is decent as it's fresh but part of it is the experience.

Kids enjoyed it so that's a win. Más información

5.0 de 5
03 August 2017
por Evan W.

Came here during their "Blue Monday" special and it was so great! Prices were good and the sushi tasted great. Really fresh and lots of variety. I wish we had one of these back in Indiana. Más información

5.0 de 5
22 December 2017
por Elliott O.

I absolutely loved my meal here. It was quick and easy to just grab whatever food i wanted. Also the fact the water was built into the table was very practical so we didn't have to keep asking. After walking around all day it was a fantastic stop to end the day with a delicious meal my entire family would enjoy. Más información

1.0 de 5
17 February 2017
por Erling N.

Over-priced, fake Japanese food. Nearly everything I tried was seriously wrong: under-cooked sushi rice, over-cooked chicken Katsu, and "plain chahan," which should have been a simple fried rice dish but was nothing but the same, slightly-hard SUSHI rice (that is, salt and vinegar mixed in for use with nigiri sushi). 'Not even close to chahan. It was as if I had ordered bread and was given raw... Más información

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