Church Street Bookshop

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Church Street Bookshop

142 Stoke Newington Church Street
N16 0JU
+44 (0)20 7241 5411
Transporte público:
Stoke Newington, National Railway

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13 December 2008
por Matt D.

This is a great little second hand book store on Stoke Newington Church Street, and I can only think of a few ways that it could be improved. The main thing it is missing is a sense of romance, which for me, is a key element of a second hand book store.

I think if the lighting was dimmed, and the collection was expanded a little, then it would be a much better experience. Anyway, that aside,... Más información

4.0 de 5
22 December 2008
por Katy I.

This second hand bookshop is excellent and unless you are unable to read it would be quite difficult to leave this shop without finding at least one book to tickle your fancy. Unless I need or want something specific I always get my books from here because it is ridiculously cheap and they have a great selection. I picked up an unread copy of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book today for... Más información

4.0 de 5
09 November 2008
por Minal P.

This little second hand bookstore has a plethora of great literature bursting from its seams. Everytime I walk in, I come a away a few pounds lighter, and several books heavier. Most of the books are in very good to almost new condition, and are very reasonably priced between two and ten pounds.

There are even some speciality sections, with hardcover art books and science texts. There is... Más información

5.0 de 5
19 November 2008
por gotiges7

If not on Ebay or Amazon, then this is where I buy my books.

Small but classy singled roomed shop run by classical music loving middle aged middle classed men. If laws and health realities allowed, I'm sure they'd all be smoking pipes!

Actually this is how I've always happily imagined my retirement. Maybe a similar shop in South America though..

Maybe small but they only seem to keep quality... Más información

4.0 de 5
31 December 2009
por MinimalAnimal

Ahh, I love this little shop. It's one of those 'run by a scary looking man who's shop is so crammed with books you may get 'lost'.' It is especially great if you like second hand books and don't want to spend much on them. Also, he has a great selection of second hand vinyl at the back (you can listen to them before you buy them) and you guessed, you can sell yours too. Más información

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