Russell Square

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Russell Square

Russell Square

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31 August 2015
por Frank D.

I enjoyed an afternoon break at Russell Square during my day of sightseeing and hanging out and I must say that I found the square to be a nice place to relax, despite how busy it seemed. To me, the square had a neighborhood feel to it, with joggers doing laps, kids in strollers with their mums, and a coffee shop at the edge of the square.

The benches in the square are plentiful. You will... Más información

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26 October 2012
por Ken M.

A sunny day, early September 2012:

This park was within walking distance of our hotel (The Bloomsbury Hotel). It is a quiet park to relax, read a book and eat a take-away lunch. It is located by the University College London and is in close proximity to the British Museum. On the corner of the park is a red box where we (as a tourists) were able to take a proverbial picture of the iconic... Más información

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26 February 2012
por Ben Y.

Russell Square is a gorgeous place and sits right in the middle of Birkbeck College and a bustling street area minutes away.

There is a cool fountain sitting right in the middle and it is such a nice place in the good weather. From kids running around and falling on their faces to seniors chilling on benches, Russell Square has it all. The good thing is, it never gets too loud with the kids... Más información

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02 June 2013
por Clare G.

A beautiful little park to get away from all the hustle and bustle of our wonderful, but crowded, city! A great spot to while away a few sunny hours with friends, champagne and a picnic like we did yesterday! It was actually sunny so we figured what's the point on saving the champagne for longer. Sun in London is as good a reason as any, isn't it?

c* Más información

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06 September 2012
por Nida K.

Great little park to hang out in on a sunny day! It's nice, grassy, and not too crowded. My classmates and I had a little picnic in Russell Square and although alcohol is not allowed, we got away with it and didn't get our heads cut off by any authority. There was also a guy all by his lonesome obviously smoking something illegal and he didn't seem to get in trouble either.

There are a ton... Más información

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