A grandes rasgos

Shop selling a huge variety of nuts as well as freshly ground coffees.

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352 Uxbridge Road,Shepherd's Bush,London W12 7LL,UK
W12 7LL

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4.0 de 5
31 March 2011
por Hartney

A friend brought me a selection of nuts in an attractive 'Nut Case' bag. The peanuts were the best I have ever tasted!

I'm just wondering what the prices are like. Does anyone know? Más información

5.0 de 5
15 August 2009
por ruperthowe

Oh my god. Everything here is good - but their almonds are phenomenal. Más información

4.0 de 5
28 July 2011
por Lucy M.

It has nuts, yes indeed. But order an espresso and a tray of baklava and you'll be in heaven. Más información

5.0 de 5
04 October 2007
por BushGirl

If you like nuts you will adore The Nutcase. If you like shop names that have a terribly cheesy pun you will love The Nutcase. If you're not fussed on either then you might not like The Nutcase. They have an amazing selection of nuts. Roasted, toasted, salted, sweet, chilliyou get the gist. But even if you do get the gist, you can't really appreciate how wonderful the selection of nuts truly... Más información

4.0 de 5
26 December 2008
por Angela B.

My friend, who's a bit of a nutter, suggested this shop. Since I'm a little bit of a nutter too, I thought I'd come here to try it out.

I have never seen so many varieties of nuts under one roof: baskets and boxes filled with salted nuts, toffee nuts, coffee nuts, chilli nuts, roasted nuts, chocolate nuts. You want some Iranian pistachios? You got it. You want honey almonds? There's a... Más información

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