Big Red

A grandes rasgos

Big Red London is a much-loved part of London’s music scene thanks to its large space and intimate atmosphere, as well as the quality and variety of the acts that grace its stage. Head to Big Red London to see the latest up-and-coming bands alongside time-honoured classics of the rock scene.

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Big Red

385 Holloway Road
N7 0RY

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8.00 de 5
Basado en 39 críticas

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4.0 de 5
12 January 2017
por Sally M.

Great place to see live bands and have drinks with friends. Friendly crowd of metal and counterculture people that like to enjoy their booze without any violence. I love the decor. They serve American food like wings and burgers, but I've never eaten there.

Always a good time. Más información

4.0 de 5
25 July 2016
por Hannah M.

American type dive bar, definitely getting all coyote ugly again, with the attractive mostly female bar staff. Dingy, red lights, neon signs, pool tables, and damn decent tracks on the juke box.

There are booths, which are great when they're free, but a good group of you will fill them, go i there in small numbers, and either you're going to make some excellent random friends, or you are... Más información

1.0 de 5
18 January 2018
por Pixie J.

Had a vey nasty experience last weekend at the Big Red. I am going to quickly explained what happened so maybe I will be saving someone a nasty trip to this UGLY pub.

Well I had a very good night overall until me and my friends decided to go to the Big Red for a last round, so everything was good and all untill me and one friend decided to go for a smoke outside.

We accidentally used the... Más información

3.0 de 5
30 May 2015
por Nyla K.

Hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal... Whatever you want to call it. There was also some 80s too was being played all night.

The decor in the bar suited the type of music... And so did its patrons. The barmaid was kind of a jerk... I ordered four shots to begin with and then four beers after she brought the shots and she yelled at me saying she needs the orders up front first. But the... Más información

2.0 de 5
31 January 2016
por Cristin L.

The toilets have improved a lot. They've been refurbed and are clean. Oh and we managed to get a table.

That's the positives out of the way unfortunately.

Beer selection is still poor. Apart from the Aspalls, but that tasted awful and couldn't manage much of the pint, so left it for another of our party to drink.

I ordered what turned out to be the worst chicken wings I've ever had.... Más información

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