Off Broadway

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Off Broadway

63-65 Broadway Market
E8 4PH

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02 March 2016
por Christoph N.

This place is definitely ON Broadway Market, but OFF the beaten track. I came here a few times for drinks and yesterday to get some work-related things done, together with a lager...and all my experiences here have been great. Definitely more a night place, Off Broadway's ambiance is at it's best when the sun is down and the candles are on...sit by the bar, private or communal table, listening... Más información

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08 August 2016
por Meike B.

Beer and prosecco on tab upstairs, jazz and juleps downstairs. What's not to love?! We came here on the hottest day of the year, and the thought of spending the evening in a dark cellar was not instantly appealing - but hold on, the air con was so refreshing, and then the musicians started to rehearse some of their tunes, might as well stay for a drink ...

They specialise in juleps, a... Más información

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04 July 2016
por Ellen S.

We went to the downstairs bar, Kansas Smittys for my friend's birthday and it was an experience. Usually they have a full jazz band playing but this time it was just a pianist and guitarist. The music was lovely and we grabbed a table in the middle. The cocktails or juleps as they were called were quite pricey considering the amount of ice in them but were delicious. Unfortunately the gin ran... Más información

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29 May 2012
por Josy A.

Yay for street food!!

Last weekend this bar set up a stall selling three tacos for £5 to the folks wandering past to get to London fields. I was tempted over by the smell...and the taste was just as good!

They were serving either pulled pork, or some kind of spicy veggy option in mini soft tacos...with a choice of mild or spicy sauce. I'm not really sure what the veggy option was- but I... Más información

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21 December 2015
por Dennis M.

Ahhhh... Broadway market...

If you're like me and you pac-man your way around this market, by the time you get the dude selling his amazing fudge, you will be either be in a food coma or have developed type 2 sugarbetes. In this case, you need to have a sit away from the market madness to fill your already overstuffed bellies with some needed alcohol.

Luckily, there's Off Broadway.

True to... Más información

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