The Pavilion Cafe

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A popular cafe in Victoria Park serving organic produce for breakfast and lunch.

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The Pavilion Cafe

Victoria Park,Crown Gate West,Victoria Park,London E9 7DE,UK
E9 7DE

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4.0 de 5
23 April 2016
por Trieu L.

A superb place for brunch and a cup of tea. It is really amazing and wonderful to see how much this cafe and the park has change over the years.

The pavilion today serves really good brunch food, quality, healthy and delicious good food rivalling those in proper restaurants. The operation here is serious with the staffs to match. This is not your usual cafe by the pond in the park, serving... Más información

5.0 de 5
01 August 2016
por Christoph N.

Finally did it! Pavilion Cafe for Breakfast and under the sun! Now here it comes: why didn't we do this before? :) Because you see, I don't really see how things could get much better:

- Long communal tables with a great crowd

- Sitting by the water, with a fresh breeze

- Sri Lankan Egg Hoppers that reminded my of that magic trip we made in SL.

- That fish-curry!

And of course, Pavilion's... Más información

5.0 de 5
08 August 2017
por Kirk A.

#1 spot for a brunch around Mile End. The Pavilion Café is like a multi tool/Swiss army knife, it can be used in so many ways! Here, I'll list a few:

-Treat your mum for Mother's Day, get her something vegan and she'll be proud of you

-Turn up with the lads still a bit waved from the night before and sort out that hangover with a massive veggie breakfast (seriously works, did it the morning... Más información

1.0 de 5
15 June 2017
por Erica L.

While it's in a lovely vacation in the park by the pond, and the menu offerings sound so good, I have to give this place a 1 star as I had a pretty awful bout of food poisoning and was ill for days afterwards. The food didn't taste rotten at all, but it also lacked flavor and was quite a disappointment.

I shared a Pavilion, the restaurant's take on a full English with sausage, grilled... Más información

5.0 de 5
15 August 2016
por Amanda M.

You know what totally amazes me? That this little cafe on the lake could produce such amazing and diverse food! I mean whaaaat!

The area is absolutely lovely and the interior where you order is really cool with a ton of natural light flooding in front the center skylight. We found two nice little seats facing the water outside and waited for our food.

Husband ordered the veggie breakfast... Más información

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