The Victoria Inn

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The Victoria Inn

77-79 Choumert Road
SE15 4AR
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:
Peckham Rye, National Railway


8.00 von 5
Basierend auf 27 Rezensionen

Top 27 Rezensionen von The Victoria Inn

5.0 von 5
06 December 2017
von Addie C.

Review for the hotel stay: AMAZING! Such kind and helpful staff, beautiful rooms, and lovely location. Renovated rooms, truly beautiful. Narrow stairs. Great last-minute booking, and would definitely stay again in London!! Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
16 September 2017
von Cathy C.

I loved the atmosphere here! It was so lively and the staff were very warm and welcoming. The food was delicious as well. Would definitely recommend! Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
11 November 2015
von Jules H.

I never went out in this area on a Friday and was amazed that nearly everything was cramped, including this place. Actually ... I was not amazed. I was hugely irritated by it. I just wanted to go for a meal and here were all these people taking up space that my friends and I could use. Never mind ... we squeezed ourselves into a corner and enjoyed the food and the ambiance. Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
16 April 2013
von Josy A.

Maybe the Victoria Inn has improved recently because we didn't have any of the problems with shabby service mentioned in the previous reviews! The staff were all attentive, smiley and our food didn't take too long.

- My G&T was massive! This meant I was a little tipsy before our starters arrived...Oops

- They have a good selection of beers and ales, so my beer-drinking dining companions were... Mehr erfahren

3.0 von 5
11 October 2015
von Jo K.

It's been a while since we've eaten here. Perhaps it's mega busy on Sunday, but the place is really short staffed, took ages to get served and ages to pay. The roast beef was delicious but the lamb was mediocre...kind of disappointing. The place was filled with kids's not really a place to relax if you fancy a quiet catch up with friends. Mehr erfahren

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