Beigel Shop


Aarons Beigel sell a wide range of freshly baked goods including bread, croissants, pastries and doughnuts. They are open 24 hours a day.

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Beigel Shop

155 Brick Lane
E1 6SB
+44 (0)20 7729 0826
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Shoreditch, Underground


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5.0 von 5
01 May 2018
von Sara C.

The bagel salted beef sandwich was to die for! Its a run down looking shop but who cares when the food is good. The bagels are freshly made and the staff super friendly. Will definitely be back Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
29 May 2017
von Robi B.

Two words: Salt beef

After touring the town all night, my friend suggested that we try a snack that is popular to Brits at any time of the day. The salt beef bagel. First of all, being from New York, we are used to seeing restaurants and delis open 24/7, but that's not as much of a luxury in London. We were already full from dinner, but my friend URGED us to carve a slight appetite for this... Mehr erfahren

3.0 von 5
04 April 2018
von Jihan N.

I had the regular saltbeef on a plain bagel...meh something to try, it taste like a meaty pretzel. The cheesecake is really good. Late night bite I've never had it in the day. The location is really chill people just kinda stand eat and chat. Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
12 October 2017
von Clèm B.

Definetely the best and cheapest bagels of London.

I took a salmon creamcheese one with the rainbow bread. What I like there, it's you can create all your bagel from the bread to the fillings and it stills cheap !

The only bad point it's they don't toast the bread.

However, I recommend this place if you are looking for a cheap food in Shoreditch Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
06 July 2016
von Meike B.

Everyone agrees that there's nothing better than a bagel from Brick Lane, available around the clock. And you don't have just one 24/7 beigel bakery but two, almost next door to each other.

I have to admit that I have always favoured Beigel Bake, can't even explain why, just joined the queues and liked what I tasted. I would pop into Beigel Shop when the other sold out (it happens!), but... Mehr erfahren

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