Edmonton Green Shopping Centre

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Edmonton Green Shopping Centre

N9 0TZ


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11 January 2013
von Bob G.

Ive lived in Edmonton most of my life and the Green is the hub for every single scum bag drug dealer, wannabe ganster and nonce. If you want to be shot in the face, abused or touched by some nasty person go here!

3:30pm when the schools are out is an absolute delightnot. Mehr erfahren

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06 November 2007
von Madameso

This is the realm of all things cheap in North London.

99p Store, Poundland, Iceland, Superdrug sit next to each other, surrounding the Market Square, where you can get all your fruit and veg as well as quality meat at reasonable prices.

Although it's a bit remote from the centre of town, it is definitely worth the journey on a day off or at weekends. Mehr erfahren

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15 June 2010
von Kan B.

cool shopping district. bought shoes for cheap. there are also little shops around the shopping centre itself. Mehr erfahren

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03 July 2008
von xxantage_capricornxx

love it. geart moneys worth. i could spend a day traveling around the uk just to go 2 and all of the shops are different.. ! Mehr erfahren

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