Appletree Boutique

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Appletree Boutique

164 Portobello Road
W11 2EB
+44 (0)20 7165 8849
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Ladbroke Grove, Underground


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27 March 2012
von Carolyn S.

When I visited this shop last spring (2011) I absolutely loved it! It is disappointing, however, that they haven't kept their website or Facebook page up to date. Neither do it justice. Mehr erfahren

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01 January 2009
von Hannah R.

Four score and seven years ago, somebody decided to found the Appletree Boutique. These illustrious forefathers decided that one was not enough to find equality, so they built another a few minutes walk down on the same street, but I will not speak of this second shop

We all know that not all shops are created equal. Ye olde shoppe does not trounce upon others. Neither does ye olde shoppe... Mehr erfahren

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01 January 2009
von Zoe H.

Apple Tree is ideal for picking up a present for your mum or friend- the shop is full of cutesy picture frames and candles. There are also some really lovely clocks and venetian mirrors but I know that I could them a lot cheaper from Camden Market. There are also some bags which can hit or miss- if I want real vintage I would go somewhere else probably nearby Portobello market. There is a... Mehr erfahren

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16 June 2009
von Chieh T.

I like the store, but it's just not quite worth it when it comes down to it.

They've got a decent selection of cute looking dresses, usually ranging from £35-60 -- but these dresses are also the ones that you can find at Brick Lane on Sundays and Spitalfields markets and whatnot. Basically, things sold here seem to be often sold elsewhere as well, so minus one on the unique scale. Furthermore,... Mehr erfahren

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