Peckham Refreshment Rooms

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Peckham Refreshment Rooms

12-16 Blenheim Grove
SE15 4QL


9.00 von 5
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4.0 von 5
01 June 2017
von Lily P.

A nice place! A bit on the bland and expensive side, but it's hard to find a fault with it outright. Plus their rarebit is quite tasty. Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
17 June 2015
von dan o.

Love the simplicity and elemental delivery of the food. Particular favorites were the broad beans in pod, duck confit with pickled endive (?) which cut the fat nicely. Had a marvelous render of the Dark

And stormy with honey. The chocolate tart for desert was a rich shard of cacao goodness, not mention anything grown up thrown on ice cream. Mehr erfahren

5.0 von 5
22 August 2014
von Pantera W.

I've lived in South London, on and off, for 30 years. Despite being a mile away, I've gone to Peckham about 3 times in that time period, usually to do with gas payments.

There's never been a good reason to go.

This last week I've been there 3 times, all to do with food. It's in the process of meta morphing into a gastronomic ghetto from its previous incarnation.

It is on Blenheim Grove at... Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
25 November 2015
von Meike B.

Sometimes a place gets it just right. I think the name says it all, The Peckham Refreshment Rooms are all about hip understatement - obviously well thought through but without trying too much. It's subtle enough not to upset the neighbours (I hope).

My first choice coming out of the station was a more traditional Peckham cafe, but PRR had such a festive glow about it, it won hands down.... Mehr erfahren

3.0 von 5
24 January 2017
von Ed P.

Went there recently and had a bad experience for the second time, hence the review. Undercooked potatoes, slightly burnt veggie main course and generally overpriced for what it is. It's a shame, as a great location but get the impression is surviving on the basis of a lack of competition in the area. Mehr erfahren

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