La Gourmandina

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La Gourmandina

57 Lamb’s Conduit Street


9.00 von 5
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Top 12 Rezensionen von La Gourmandina

5.0 von 5
09 November 2017
von Laura O.

French Italian food. I was at first skeptical as the the front looked empty but that was because the restaurant was in the back. So glad we walked in. The bread basket was amazing. For the main, I had a really good pumpkin risotto complimented with a French white wine. I have left over risotto for lunch tomorrow. Kevin had the pasta with a boar ragu. Equally delicious. For dessert I had the... Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
28 June 2016
von Lauren H.

After weeks of griping about the lack of good restaurants near my internship, a coworker directed me towards Lamb's Conduit and I have yet to find a bad way to spend my lunch hour. I've been to La Gourmandina a few times this summer, and I have yet to be disappointed.

At first I was confused by its advertised simultaneous French and Italian cuisines, but I've decided that the variety is part... Mehr erfahren

5.0 von 5
23 April 2015
von Josy A.

Oooh I love their balls!!

A couple of months ago my colleagues told me about a small café that serves really good risotto she described the melting mozzarella in the middle of perfectly flavoured rice...I knew I needed to come and try it. But...then we became distracted by the amazing Malaysian food near our office, so I forgot that I wanted to walk over to sample this. I was a... Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
28 November 2014
von Alex S.

I like this place. I mean, I think the greater context (my never-ending love for Lamb's Conduit) doesn't hurt, but even as a stand-alone: I like this place.

Disclaimer: I've never been here for dinner. Only for lunch, takeaway and Saturday brunch.

Let's start with the best: brunch! On Saturdays La Gourmandina has a small but mighty brunch menu. Fruit and veg salads, and the stars of the... Mehr erfahren

5.0 von 5
25 October 2017
von Haley B.

The best service. The people here are so nice! Also, the prices are really reasonable and the food is bomb! Definitely my new favorite lunch place. I got the Porchetta sandwich heated up, and it was amazing. I can't wait to try their risotto balls! Mehr erfahren

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