Surrey Docks Farm

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Surrey Docks Farm

SE16 5EY
+44 (0)20 7231 1010


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22 January 2012
von Rich M.

The Surrey Docks Farm is a little drop of hidden London. The Rotherhithe peninsula isn't maybe the best known part of the capital, with poor transport links and some deeply unlovely squatting estates, but there's a little gem here if you do make the trek. The farm is quirky loveliness in itself; cows, pigs and goats wander around gently mugging inner city kids and parents for grain before they... Mehr erfahren

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08 September 2015
von Meike B.

Did you know that there are more than a dozen farms dotted around London?! Proper farms that is, not just horse riding stables or allotments. Surrey Docks is my favourtie so far as it is in such an unassuming location. I discovered in on a recent ramble along the Thames bank - as a West Londoner I am not that familiar with this neck of the woods - and the walk from Rotherhithe to Greenwich was... Mehr erfahren

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30 September 2012
von Heather P.

New to London and taking a walk along the Thames Path, I saw a sign for Surrey Docks Farm and Cafe Frizzante. What is this, I wondered. I happily approached and saw the "free entrance" sign, so I thought, why not?

Sure, it smells like a farm, but breathe through your mouth and get exploring! I'm glad I did :) I found pigs, chickens, rabbits, cows, donkeys, and goats to feed. There's an herb... Mehr erfahren

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26 August 2012
von Desi F.

I stumbled upon this gem whilst rambling along the Thames Path east towards Greenwich. It was a lovely afternoon and the placards along the path mention a cafe with ice cream. The entrance via the path is completely unassuming. There is only a vegetable garden and compost, nothing to entice you to enter (except for the ice cream). However, make it past the compost piles and you'll be... Mehr erfahren

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06 June 2014
von Amy D.

Firstly, the farm is a lovely educational spot, bigger than the usual city farm. The selection of animals on show is impressive: pigs (and plenty of piglets!), a cow, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, ferrets, bees, and I'm sure I've even missed a few! They also grow plenty of different types of plants and vegetables. The shop sells fruit, veg and eggs from this farm and other local... Mehr erfahren

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