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28A Leicester Square


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09 May 2015
von Jazz P.

"We've made a terrible mistake..."

These were the words uttered by everybody in our group when we made the terrible decision to come here.

First off, the marketing guys that do their best to bring you into the club blatantly just lied to us about everything.

"LOTS OF WOMEN!", he said. Wrong.

"PARTY 'TIL 6AM!", he said. No. Party 'til 4am, but no drinks can be bought after 3.

"£5 ENTRY!",... Mehr erfahren

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22 June 2015
von Taylor P.

Avoid this place at all costs. Went here as a last resort as it was a Sunday night and very close to where we were staying, but it was absolutely the most sketchy and disgusting nightclub I've ever been to.

The place was a sausage fest from the beginning, with groups of shady dudes lurking around but none of them dancing. My brother was offered drugs in the bathroom. A guy offered me drugs... Mehr erfahren

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02 January 2011
von Lizzie S.

Wow, just wow!

I'm speechless that we actually ended up going in here. I will admit, it was a mistake. We thought we were going into the Spoonies next door for a quick drink.

Ariz G, you speak wise words. Avoid this shit hole from hell, unless you are desperate to dance to terrible music with some very hairy drunk male tourists who are lost and confused.

Go home. Don't go here. Don't pay to... Mehr erfahren

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09 August 2011
von Maria G.

Oh wow I am surprised by the 1-star yelp reviews here.

Lets see, my friends and I were here last summer to celebrate a friend's birthday and got our names on the guestlist. Because we are not from the area, we got lost on our way trying to find this club. We were supposed to be there by 11pm to get in for free, but we didnt get there until 11:30pm. Knowing it was my friend's birthday, we were... Mehr erfahren

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06 February 2016
von Ling Y.

My colleagues decided on going to a comedy club whilst in london. So after dinner we found the venue in Leicester Square. As they queued up, a guy walked up to me and offered me flyers saying it would be £8 per flyer instead of £12 to get in! So yeah I took a handful but it was actually £9 each with the flyer!

The show it self was great, I was worried I would get picked on but wasn't lol.... Mehr erfahren

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