TRAID stands for Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development. Launched in 1999, TRAID has gone from strength to strength. With its unique link between recycling and fashion retail, TRAID continues to raise money to fund international projects whilst helping to promote recycling and waste reduction in the UK. Unwanted clothes that are donated are hand sorted or redesigned and reconstructed to make new recycled garments, and sold through their charity shops. Through its strong branding, TRAID has been successful in gaining a reputation for being innovative and edgy, appealing to a predominantly young, fashionable and environmentally conscious audience.

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119 King Street
W6 9JG
+44 (0)20 8748 5946
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:
Ravenscourt Park, Underground


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21 March 2009
von Larissa R.

I stopped into this little shop while I was strolling around Hammersmith, not expecting much. The cool music playing in the background created a funky browsing atmosphere. The bags near the door begged to be tried on my shoulder. While I awkwardly attempted to see myself in a small and awkwardly placed mirror, one of the girls behind the counter graciously pointed me toward the... Mehr erfahren

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27 July 2009
von Sierra L.

I like doing a run of the charity shops in King Street just before I do my shift at a charity bookshop. So far, most of my clothes come from Traid. They've taken a lot of the pain out of clothes shopping.

I'm not a big label-hunter, but don't mind paying more if it's decent quality. £12 for a pair of Miss Sixty jeans with the button missing though, no. But they dropped the price when I... Mehr erfahren

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24 November 2008
von Carolina G.

I am such a fan of Traid, initially because it was almost next door to where I used to live. Secondly, they arrange their clothes by colour, which I used to do as well (until I started doing it by style). It is such an easy place to browse and more often than not you will find some second hand clothes that you wonder 'Why did they get rid of this?' As they say 'someone's trash is someone... Mehr erfahren

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23 May 2009
von distantbiscuit

Traid should be a great shopit's enormous and stuffed to bursting with stock. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite meet the standards set by other charity shops in Hammersmith, for several reasons.

The first problem is simply the price. As good as the cause might be, I'm not willing to pay £12 for a second-hand sweater with a few pulled threads in it, even if it is a high-end brand.

The... Mehr erfahren

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