Popular burger restaurant in London's West End. Be prepared to queue! Mehr erfahren


Popular burger restaurant in London's West End, with graffiti-style decor. Meat Liquor doesn't take advance bookings so be prepared to queue!

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74 Welbeck Street


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20 March 2018
von Yr211598 ..

TERRIBLE SERVICE! So i walk in, expecting to have a nice meal since my hotel is across the street, and ask to use the bathroom since I just came out of work. I wanted to use the bathroom before ordering obviously so as to have a pleasant sit down. I come out and notice they don't have salads on the menu (greek salad doesn't count) and so i say my thank you's and decide to purchase my meal... Mehr erfahren

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01 March 2018
von Miko B.

Meat Liquor's signature Dead Hippie burger is essentially a glorified Big Mac. It comes with two patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, and a mayonnaise-based sauce. This burger has been praised by many, but I personally didn't see the appeal. I thought that the meat was dry, the bun was ordinary, and the ratio of ingredients was imbalanced. Mehr erfahren

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19 April 2018
von Mike Q.

I had the opportunity to check this place out. It's a great casual dining experience in London. The vibe in this place is casual and dark with plenty of music. I ordered the dead hippie burger and gravy fries and it was delicious. Overal it was a great dining experience and would recommend meat liquor to anyone. Mehr erfahren

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05 June 2018
von Margaret L.

I thought the burgers here were pretty good!

However, in terms of service and everything, the wait here can be pretty long. I was pretty hungry and it took awhile. It has a "meat shop" type of theme, so it reminds me of an inside a butcher shop. It has a warehouse theme and it's somewhat dark with red type of lighting.

I got to try the dead hippie and the green chili cheeseburger. I enjoyed... Mehr erfahren

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02 October 2017
von Jacqueline K.

We needed food late night and this was close to our hotel so an easy choice. We were definitely taken back by the decorations at first but actually really loved the place. We had a variety of food from the Dead Hippie Burger, to Green Chile Burger, the Braai wings (which were SOOOOO hot) and Hippie Fries. The Green Chile Burger was alright for me, my friends all enjoyed that and the wings.... Mehr erfahren

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