Flashback Records


Flashback deal in second hand vinyl records and offer varying styles of music from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

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Flashback Records

50 Essex Road
N1 8LR
+44 (0)20 7354 9356
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Essex Road, National Railway


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22 August 2015
von Tré S.

If you're like me and you wanna buy some second hand old school vinyl records but don't want to spend a lot of money, then this is the place for you.


- They've got a wide selection of vinyl records also in genres that I was quite shocked they had: Hiphop, UK Garage, dancehall, etc.

- Their prices don't break the bank...they range from £0.99 and upwards with a average price of £12.99.

-... Mehr erfahren

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06 January 2016
von Daniel F.

I will always be a fan of vinyl shops and passing the time in places like Flashback Records. I actually have one nearer to me in Crouch Hill which is just as nice and cosy.

Overall good to browse through. Bit up from Angel on Essex Road but along the stretch of the road that has a good few places to stop at too as neighbours. Mehr erfahren

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01 March 2015
von Francesco C.

don't bother the staff are a bit snotty nosed. I stood at the counter trying to buy a record and I had the cover in my hand but no one seem to notice me although I am not very slim then I kind of throw the cover somewhere and left never to return. Alan's records in East Finchley is much, much better in terms of prices and friendliness Mehr erfahren

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30 June 2011
von Ian P.

I love me some Flashback! I find it impossible to leave empty handed and can always spend an age inside browsing.

Just a regular looking shack from the outside, the inside is... also quite regular. But, importantly, filled with some books, many DVD's and a load of CD's and vinyl of varying genre's. Something for everyone. Surely. They even sell a few computer games (not many though).

Being... Mehr erfahren

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19 June 2013
von Emma C.

Sister needs a present for boyfriend but she's in SA and the vinyl selections is few and far between there. Me (Emma C.) to the rescue cause you know, I live in the Great-Smoke and we have EVERYTHING...but wait, I've never needed to buy vinyl before (though read to the end of the review - this reviewer might change her mind yet) so where does one go?

With limited time hence limited... Mehr erfahren

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