Bookmarks, The Socialist Bookshop


Bookmarks is a modern airy building that specialises in socialist and left-wing books including fiction and history books.

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Bookmarks, The Socialist Bookshop

1 Bloomsbury Street
+44 (0)20 7637 1848
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Tottenham Court Road, Underground


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04 June 2011
von Fiona G.

A wonderful shop for the sheer joy

of the music & laughter that accompanies

us when we march past this shop (& most

Demos do, starting at London Uni) Its

got great books ... & an interesting neighbour

in the whisky shop next door! Mehr erfahren

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12 April 2013
von Neelakantan N.

I've been here twice now. The first time was an exploratory trip, when I was literally going through the list of independent bookshops in London. After spending a couple of hours here I felt they had a fairly good collection but it was by no means extensive. There were, as the other review mentions, plenty of titles, authors and regions which are under-represented. Nonetheless, I found what I... Mehr erfahren

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20 March 2014
von Olivia G.

Oh Bookmarks! This place is special. It has a fantastic selection of socialist literature. I managed to purchase works by Victor Serge that have been out of print since 1966.

They have a children's literature section. It's a bit odd but sort of charming. The bargain books are definitely worth picking through.

Like most independent, quirky bookstores the service is pretty terrible. The... Mehr erfahren

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13 June 2011
von Simon W.

Bloomsbury has character. Curiously, this place has a children's section. The somewhat lost, disjointed nature of the place is indicated by the books about Israel - on the one hand, a variety of volumes extolling the nobility of the resistance struggle against the naughty British, sharing shelf space with Palestinian-penned tomes about how Israel is the epitome of evil.

Personally, I don't... Mehr erfahren

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02 December 2013
von Ross L.

I really enjoyed visiting this shop. A spectacular serendipitous collection of left leaning books. I found a couple of interesting books about Cuba.

Good that bookshops like this have survived in a post Marxian (almost) world. Mehr erfahren

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