Waterstones is a chain of bookshops where there are regular readings and promotions. They also sell audio books, cards and wrapping paper.

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Cabot Place East
Canary Wharf
E14 4QT
+44 (0)20 7513 0060
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:
Canary Wharf, Underground


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26 July 2012
von Natalie P.

I really like Waterstones - as I'm a complete bookworm - though I'm not as keen on them since they did away with their 3 for 2 offer (bad move considering you can get books cheaper anyway on Amazon!) and also I can never work out whether I like this store or not.

The store feels kind of souless and lacking character and life. As if other branches you can find lots of staff recommendations... Mehr erfahren

2.0 von 5
04 March 2012
von Duncan W.

It is very difficult to love Waterstones (Waterstone's is no more - the apostrophe has been ditched). It feels very much book shop by numbers with largely the same stock whether you visit it in Canary Wharf, Nottingham or Inverness. This is fine if you know what you want. However, if you are looking for advice, inspiration or individuality, Waterstones is not a good fit.

This branch tries... Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
25 January 2016
von Dominique L.

Waterstones are pretty much the same as they are everywhere else; they stock the same range of bestselling fiction and non-fiction, cards, stationery, adult colouring books, etc. that you might find in a large WH Smith's. The lay-out is the same as every other medium-sized Waterstones, and the prices are usually higher than those of an online shop, as you might expect given that Waterstones... Mehr erfahren

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