St Paul's Underground Station

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St Paul's Underground Station

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31 May 2015
von Brian H.

St. Paul's is a London Underground station located in the City of London financial district which takes its name from the nearby St Paul's Cathedral.

The station is on the Central line, between Bank and Chancery Lane stations, and is in fare zone 1.

It should not be confused with City Thameslink railway station which opened in 1990 with the name St. Paul's Thameslink, but is some distance... Mehr erfahren

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24 July 2015
von Jonathan V.

Fairly easy to navigate station with frequent trains. The entrances are well located ensuring easy access into and out of the station. Mehr erfahren

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03 February 2011
von Bruce K.

No secret doubletalk here, the St. Paul's Tube Station is located right underneath the landmark St. Paul's Cathedral. On the Central Line between Chancery Lane and Bank station, it is in zone one.

The station has been open since 1900 and interestingly the two platforms are stacked rather than side to side.

Good signage points to the various nearby sites including the Museum of London and... Mehr erfahren

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10 January 2009
von BushGirl

I have to agree with the review below. For a station that millions of tourists and city workers use, it's just not up to scratch. It should be swisher, cleaner and more modern.

The main thing I find annoying is that I always find it disorientating coming out of the station and have to spend a moment figuring out which way is which. There should be more clear signs and directions.

The... Mehr erfahren

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08 October 2008
von josephaghababa

Having commuted to this station for almost 3 years, almost nothing has changed. The station has been under constant building work, with little progress for months despite signs that say otherwise - work on tiling the platform is nearly complete... apparently not - wires and steel girders petrude from the ceiling and walls, and the escalators break down fairly frequently. One wonders what they... Mehr erfahren

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