Goodge Street Underground Station

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Goodge Street Underground Station

75 Tottenham Court Road


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24 April 2011
von Bruce K.

With a name like "Goodge Street", how could I not go out of my way to use it? Sure, there might be other stations that are more convenient, but Goodge it is.

Serving only the Northern line's "Charing Cross" branch, the platforms are accessed by one of three lifts ("elevators" to Americans) and a few stairs. It is in Travelcard Zone 1, between Leicester Square (technically, Tottenham Court... Mehr erfahren

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09 March 2012
von Nic Z.

Goodge Street, you will forever have a warm fuzzy place in my heart.

I have no idea what or who Goodge is or was, but the name is unmistakable. It's easy to get in and out of, pops you right onto the Northern Line or out onto Tottenham Court Road, and is just generally good(ge).

Oh, and it's windy. Extremely windy. Between the time I stepped into the station to the time I got on the train, I... Mehr erfahren

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04 March 2012
von Wayne H.

The station features five lifts but, from my observation, never are all put into service at once. Like Belsize Park station it's a bit claustrophobic and dank on the top side. But unlike Belsize it's been recently refurbished and doesn't (always) smell like food and urine.

In the off-hours the platform can be uncomfortably vacant, like that empty train station in The Matrix that connects... Mehr erfahren

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31 December 2008
von Jill A.

This is a small station and it is not one of the busiest so it is easy to get in and out.

The problem would be that the only practical way to get down to the platform is to use the lift. Yes they have a lift service here, don't even think about the small windy stairs unless you really really have to.

They have three lifts so it is really not a problem. The lift serves both people coming in... Mehr erfahren

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25 May 2016
von Henri R.

Goodge Street tube is amazing. During morning rush hours (I've never experienced it in evening rush hour) it is hectic. However it is one of the few stations which is spectacularly run by it's staff so you are rarely caught in overcrowding. There are normal half a dozen staff directing you to which lift is next etc. It's so efficient that you're always in the next approaching lift.

There are... Mehr erfahren

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