Southwark Underground Station

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Southwark Underground Station

Southwark Street
+44 845 330 9880


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09 October 2010
von Bruce K.

One of the more modern tube stations, Southwark (pronounced "su-therck") is the closest station to the Imperial War Museum and the Tate Modern though you still have to walk a half mile. Opened recently, the station is on the Jubilee Line and has the really neat platform edge doors which line up with the train when it pulls into the station. This prevents people from falling or being pushed... Mehr erfahren

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31 August 2015
von Aaron S.

Southwark tube station is one of the newer stations on the tube, having been opened in 1999 with the expansion of the Jubilee line and it receives between 10 - 15 million people a year, so it isn't the busiest of stations you will come across while commuting in London.

Southwark station is only on the Jubilee line however, and is in between Waterloo and London Bridge stations, I do feel it is... Mehr erfahren

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25 June 2015
von Jonathan V.

Well located station that is never very busy. As it is only served by the Jubilee line it is not that well served. There is however lots of bars and restaurants in the area making this station perfect for a night on the town! Mehr erfahren

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06 March 2013
von Neil S.

Have never used this Tube station before but it must be one of the most pleasant out there.

Easy to navigate, incredibly modern and good for connections to Waterloo and Westminster. Mehr erfahren

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12 March 2012
von Wayne H.

One of the relatively newer tube stations in London, the surrounding area is teeming with suits and residents alike thanks to all of the pubs and restaurants. The Tate Modern is a bit of a hike northbound; London Bridge station is a better choice for that. Mehr erfahren

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